Friday, 22 August 2008

August 08

This months main project has been the fourth Volume in the "Essential Breakbeats and DJ beds" series. Once again, the project has been very well recieved by the media industry and work on the fifth volume has already begun.
All works in the South Girl library are available for download via
although the works are registered with PRS, so if you download them for a listen, be careful what you do with them!!

I ve also been lucky enough to work with The Orion IV Quartet this month. It's not often I get the opportunity to record classical music, so I really enjoyed this project. It's also great fun working on a 100% acoustic recording. NO OVER-DUBS!!!! Scary stuff, but the boys are top players, so they made pretty light work of some Haydn and Dvorak string quartets. If anyone wants to know more about them check out

And finally, I ve been lucky enough to be invited to play the warm up slot on 24th August at Cardiff's Vodka Revoution for the Fiece Angel event. Top of the bill is International DJ Mike Van Loon, and Fiece Angel is of course the new Label and Club night by Mark Doyle, creator of Hed Kandi. Needless to say, I m pretty stoked to be invited. Entry is £5. Come along if you like house music and/or hot girls.

Huggs and Kisses.

Sunday, 20 July 2008

July 08

Ok, this month has been a bit different. Based on my previous experience DJ-ing in Clwb Ifor Bach, Hard-rock Cafe, Buffalo, Cardiff Union, Henry Africa's Hothouse and a host of summer balls I ve taken over Thursday nights in Revolution. It's a night of all the latest house cuts, mash-up and dance anthems, guessed will be featuring several of my very own remixes and bootlegs. 8 til 2 every Thursday, come on down dudes.....If you like house music that is. x x x

Tuesday, 8 July 2008

June 08

It's been pretty hectic this month, due to the last minute deadline movement for the next South Girl compilation, entitled "Essential Breakbeats & DJ Beds Vol.3".
The disk is now available to radio station and media companys (e-mail me at address below if you need more info on that one)
The compilations are receiving a lot of prasie/airplay and so, I ve been green-lighted to produced a Vol 4, next month.

Meanwhile, I ve continued working with singer/songwriter Ioan Davies and Cardiff based rock band Audio Alibi.

I ve also recorded a demo for my own functions/covers band (title pending) in preparation for several bookings we have for later in the year. (One of which I believe will be at Cardiff Jazz venue Swell on Winsor Place.)

If you wish to hear any of the lovely recordings I m bragging about on this page, by all means contact me, either on


Monday, 19 May 2008

May 08

Well it's been a bit of a slack month for me. Weather is mostly to blame, having encouraged me to lay in the sun for a few days last week. I also took some time off to attend an Army ball in Tidworth. (If theres one thing the army know, its how to throw a party.)
I also spent last Saturday night playing guitar and DJ-ing at a Summer Ball in Taunton.

I did manage however to waste a day entering the Doritos "Make an Advert and win £20k" competition. My entry, "A Song About Doritos" can be found at this present moment at #60 have been in the rating on the Doritos website. ( Not bad considering there were 966 entrys.

You can watch the video/hear the song on the doritos site, or on Youtube via this link.

I m now looking forward to the £20k prise, I m sure is on its way to me any day now.

Monday, 28 April 2008

April 08 Part 2

Ok, this weeks project was a chap named Ioan Davies. I ve known Ioan a while, in fact me and him wrote a piece of music together that was adopted by Oxjam as an unoffical anthem back in 2006. Any how, back fresh from a trip to France, IOAN has begun recording tracks with me for up and coming releases. We haven't finished anything yet, so I can't send you any copies, but if you are curious about IOAN's music, you can usually catch playing at the Gate in Cathays on their thursday Open Mic night.

The next few days I will be engineering some songs for Len Westbrook. LEN is a jazz singer, who specialises in RAT PACK hits. He is available for hire for functions. Give me a bell if you need him.

Other than that I have been lucky enough to work on some more atmospheric hip hop for a future SOUTH GIRL PRODUCTION MUSIC LTD compilation.

That, I have permission to e-mail to people as a showreel, but be aware!!! SOUTH GIRL have a music lawyer and are a publishing company, so be careful what you do with it!

x x

Wednesday, 16 April 2008

April 2008 Projects

OK so here are some of the projects I ve been working on so far this month.

Last week I recorded more material for the up and coming EP by Cardiff rock band Audio Alibi . I think I ve know the guys about two years now, so its cool to listen to the latest stuff and see how far we ve come together.

Check the guys out on

Last weekend I recorded and produced a track with Along came Man. I hadn't met they guys before, even though they are playing shows with The Automatic and Viva Machine, both of whom I ve recorded in the past. Back to Along Came Man. The tracks called INVINCIBLE, it's pretty tasty and I believe its being played to some London based management companys later this month.

Check the guys out on

Finally, I produced a track for a new Cardiff funk band called The Incredible Me Band. The guys have yet to play a show, but they are definately ready to tear things up when they do.

All three of the bands were pretty stoked with the results and I ll be working with them again in the next few months.

If you would like to hear the quality of any of these tracks you can E-mail me on

and I ll send you MP3's.


Sunday, 30 March 2008

Studio Upgrade 2008

As you may know I am one of the In-House producers at Warwick Hall Recording Studio, Cardiff, and I have good news.
Produced Richard Jackson has just finished recording material towards The Automatics much anticipated follow-up album (due for release later this year), at Warwick Hall. Due to the high profile of these sessions, we have up-graded the studio. We are now running Pro-Tools 7 on a brand new Macintosh computer. We have also invested in BFD Drum software. (Check it out, it will become more and more common in studios).
These changes are all about speeding up the sessions to save our clients money.
If you want a full spec. list for the studio get in touch.